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We think we’re pretty great. Instead of us bragging about ourselves, we thought we’d let you know what others had to say.

“It was a pleasure talking to you and obviously beneficial to both of us. I thank you very much. I hope in this day and age that there are honest people left in this world who know what the word trust means. Again, I thank you.”

- Steve P.

“Thank you so much for all of your time and efforts to notify me of my lost insurance policy. You made my life a little better. I’m 80 years old and have been in a wheelchair for 41 years…I live on social security so its been tough. God bless you, keep up the good work. Thanks!”

- Gloria K.

“Thank you for your time in locating my father and helping us gain ownership of these old financial receivables. As a single elderly man living on a fixed income, these funds will truly come in handy. Thank you again for your assistance. ”

- Scott C.

“Thanks! Keep up the good work. God smiles on those who do good deeds for strangers.”

- Arthur H.

“Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I would not have gone looking for this on my own.”

- Peter M.

“Thank you so much for alerting me.. ..without you contacting me I never would have guessed that I had any such money. Thank you once again.”

- Catherine D.

“Thank you so very much for finding us and informing us about this. Two retired people at 82 years old can surely use this money. God bless you.”

- John B.

We’ve got plenty more stories to share. Feel free to give us a call at toll free at (888) 972.0796.

our recovery process

At Asset Finders we are dedicated to finding and helping individuals, estates and companies who can recover meaningful investments and receivables that have been misdirected in the financial system. We base our business on the highest level of integrity, we build meaningful trust, and we strictly maintain our clients’ privacy and confidentiality.

Step 1: Research and Location

Through research of various legal and financial documents together with our network of financial connections, we locate meaningful dormant financial assets that have been misdirected in the financial system. Through our years of investigative experience, our research experts locate those who can make claim on these dormant financial assets.

Step 2: Verification and Authorization

If we have contacted you, then we believe that you, a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, or a business entity you represent is entitled to recover meaningful financial receivables. Upon our verification of the proper claimant, we are required to obtain the proper claimants written authorization to proceed with the recovery.

Step 3: Recovery

Upon our receipt of the written authorization, our processing team efficiently gathers the necessary documentation to finalize the recovery.  During the process, our team keeps our clients updated on the status of the recovery and are available to answer any questions. After the necessary documentation is finalized and submitted, the recovery is sent directly to our clients.

helping others is our passion

Since 2006, Asset Finders has been assisting individuals and companies in locating and recovering investments and financial receivables that have been misdirected in the financial system or that have been forgotten through the passage of time and circumstance.

Asset Finders utilizes its years of expertise in successfully navigating the legal and investigative hurdles to provide accurate and timely recoveries to its clients. Asset Finders is also aware that its success is directly related to the success of its clients.  For this reason, Asset Finders is built on principles of integrity, trust, and confidentiality. Asset Finders does not request any information other than that which is absolutely necessary to verify identity and comply with law in making a recovery.

When you need assistance with a recovery, want to know if you have a possible recovery, or if you have already been identified by the Asset Finders team as someone of interest in a recovery, please call us. Our staff of experienced professionals looks forward to speaking with you.

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